Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Picture of Thanksgiving

The Angelus
Jean Francois Millet
c. 1859

My grandmother had a print of this painting in her home for as long as I can remember and after her death it was the one thing I asked for.  It was nothing of earthly value. Just a paper print, perhaps taken from a magazine or art book, placed in a simple wooden frame.  Still, it held a prominent place in whatever home my grandparents lived in, including her assisted living apartment in her later widow years.  I remember as a child asking her on several occasions about it.  She said when the church bells rang, it was a call for people to stop what they were doing and pray, even if they were working in the field like this couple. 

I enjoy thinking of my grandma and what this picture meant to her as it reminds me to be thankful throughout my day and it seems appropriate for the upcoming holiday. 

(After some online research I discovered that The Angelus is a traditional Catholic prayer recited morning, noon, and evening.  Church bells would ring at those times as a call to pause and pray.)

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  1. Imagine what our country, our own lives, would be like if we willingly stopped whatever we were doing and really prayed fervently three times a day. As a nation we would see the changes the faithful few have been praying for. As individuals we would see our lives changed in every way, most of all spiritually. I have liked this painting for a long time too.