Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Looking Ahead to 2017

I really have no resolutions or goals for 2017. It's more about continuing to build on the positive things from 2016.

I have been seeing a naturopathic doctor (who isn't new age, thankfully) for a little over a year now and have seen improvements in my health issues as well as losing 45 pounds so far. She suggested the Whole30 plan and it has worked great for me. I blog about my health journey at Rethinking Thin.

I haven't done much blogging otherwise. This past year I just didn't have the words to share what was on my heart spiritually and emotionally and needed to draw in and focus on myself. I think the election stuff was difficult for a lot of us but for me personally, it was a good year because I don't let politics or what others say or do determine whether my life is good or bad. God is in control no matter what and nothing happens that doesn't pass through his hands first so that's where I put my hope and trust.

Our son got married so we are officially empty nesters now and I love it. Yes, I miss having my adult kids around but I do like having the quiet house to myself and the fact that when I clean now, it stays that way! We also remodeled our kitchen and I am enjoying it a great deal.

Our granddaughter Tilly is almost 3 and delightful (see the photo below and I'm sure you will agree! lol). And our second daughter is expecting her first baby in March so I'm happy to become Grandma again.

So for me, 2017 is a continuation of what I'm already enjoying with one difference. I turn 60 in January. It's a milestone birthday that I'm struggling with but I'm trying to keep this quote in mind as a positive focus:

Moving forward one day at a time.

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