Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Values Matter

"In many ways our culture has lost its sense of values; I worry about a generation that's been brought up afraid to make choices for fear of offending someone. 

Multiculturalism teaches us that all cultures should be valued at the same level.  Society teaches us that there's no such thing as evil, it all depends on your environment.  School leaders try to tell us that boys and girls are the same, when any parent knows better.  We've become a culture afraid to make judgments and proscribe values to anything because of our overwhelming fear of offending. 

But something inside knows that's not true.  Some choices are better than others.  Some decisions make sense and others don't.

Values matter."

From One Big Thing by Phil Cooke (p. 69)


Right is still right even if no one else is doing it; wrong is still wrong even if everyone else is doing it.


  1. Values matter and so does truth and responsibility. We raised our girl knowing fiction from non-fiction, valuing truth over perception and hopefully choosing right over easy...now I'm praying for our country.

  2. I'm sick of being 'mum' on my opinions. However, in today's PC environment, I take a 'keep your mouth shut' option often unless I'm in my close circle of friends .. which is sad.

  3. skoots, well said. That's what we tried to teach our kids too - truth over perception, right over easy.

    Catherine, me too. I am trying to pick my battles more carefully these days. There's just so much to oppose, especially with the election coming up. I'm doing a lot more praying these days than speaking my mind, which isn't a bad thing, but I also don't want to keep silent on things that are important to God.

    Political correctness drives me nuts! lol

  4. This has been discussed in our home a lot lately...mainly from the view point that the church looks more like the culture instead of standing differently and pointing the way we have become what the world says is right...so sad