Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Little of What You Like Does You Good...

"Little luxuries are more conducive to sustained well-being and pleasure than big ones.  These days, this philosophy of happiness is gaining popularity and, while I don't believe that happiness is an absolute state to which we all have a right, I do agree that a little of what you like does you good.

I would hazard a guess that most relatively contented domestic artists subscribe to this philosophy (both knowingly and unknowingly) and treat themselves regularly in small but significant ways.  The gentle arts offer such a wealth of little luxuries that it's not difficult to create a chain of small pleasures that link together to make a necklace of non-precious gems to adorn your life.  Pretty buttons, trimmings, ribbons, lovely yarn, half a yard of a beautiful fabric, a good novel or a book of poetry, a few squares of chocolate, a box of French macaroons - all are strung on my personal necklace of luxuries."

- From The Gentle Art of Domesticity by Jane Brocket


  1. Yes, Yes, Yes....and I too am seeing too many books on happiness...just go to the library, but I do believe that God intended for us to enjoy some simple pleasures that make life's knocks go down easier...yesterday setting by the pool enjoying magazines I got from the library I enjoyed..."a great chain of small pleasure"

    Oh I am laughing the coffee cup covers the full title of one of those books and it looked like Death by Midlife!

  2. For me the glass of iced chai tea latte in the afternoon is a perfect touch to a day at home. blessings, marlene

  3. Janette, the title is Dead By Midnight but some days I think the other is applicable! lol!

    Marlene, I'm having more iced coffee these days instead of the hot cup in the morning.

    Diana, thank you for stopping by!

  4. What a sweet post! Love the quote and the photos. Like a little luxury :)

  5. What a sweet post, Cindy. I am
    going to miss my son when he
    moves out shortly and gets married.
    However, I am looking forward to
    turning his large bedroom downstairs into an arts/crafts room and guest room. I plan to enjoy all my different kinds of stitching, learning to paint, beading, etc. in that area of the house. And as dear Janette said the other day, when it's time for dinner I won't have to clear off the dining table of all my stuff!
    These little artistic endeavors
    bring great joy to my life.

  6. Love this, and so agree. I'd add a fresh cup of coffee to the list, and a long walk outdoors, too :)

  7. Lorraine, I like a little luxury too and am always happy when I find it in the little things right where I live.

    Sandy, how fun that you'll gain both a daughter AND a craft room! lol

    Joanne, yes, coffee and walks. I thought of you when I posted the quote because I think you get this idea more than a lot of people.

  8. Oh I loved this....just this afternoon after my LONG week-end, I had a very similiar comfy couch, my comfy clothes, and my cup of tea..brings a big smile to my face...simple pleasures for sure...

  9. Personal necklace of luxuries. I like that. Mine would include...

    Harry and David's Mint Chocolate Truffles.

    Bubble baths.

    An episode of "Swamp People."

    A book I can't put down.

    A quiet drive with my husband to just about anywhere, even around the block.

    Daily walks.

    A house to myself; hasn't happened for a month now.

    Just a few on my necklace!


    PS: Add "eating out" to that list!

  10. Great post! Simple pleasures are the best. Today, a broken air conditioner that has been repaired is bringing me a lot of JOY!! LOL