Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Following With Consistency and Confidence

One of my struggles in my faith is feeling that I'm not consistent in my walk with the Lord and I think that comes from my lack of confidence in who he is at times.  I've been focusing on the names of God because through them, I discover more about his character, and as I discover more of who he is, I am able to respond in faith.

I like how Renee Swope says it in her book, A Confident Heart:
"God's names are a promise of who He is.  We learn to trust Him as we come to know Him in the way He is described in the Bible, based on His character.  We will not know God as Jehovah Rapha, our Healer, until we experience and recognize His healing in our lives, whether spiritually, emotionally, mentally, or physically.  We cannot know Him as Jehovah Jireh, our Provider, if we are not in need.  We will not know Him as Jehovah Nissi, our Banner, unless we need Him for victory."

As I seek to follow God more consistently, my confidence to do so will come from knowing who He is.  My prayer needs to be, "Lord show me who you are as I seek to know you better."  I do desire to know him better because after all, he already knows me intimately and not only that, he also sees me as who I am becoming instead of who I am now.  When he looks down at me, he doesn't see me as just one of millions but rather as someone he already knows, and in a good way.  It's like recognizing a loved one across the way in a room full of people.  Just as we seek out those we love, so does the Lord seek me out.  The better I know him, the quicker I'll recognize His presence in every situation.


  1. It is interesting that you shared this. We are having revival next month and have been asked to pray for several things. One of which is that we would have a proper view of God. Here are the passages that God has led me to read so far ~ Isaiah 53, Isaiah 6, Revelation 5, Revelation 1, John 3:16. Now I will consider the names of God and add that to my list. One part alone does not give us the full picture of who He is. The Bible as a whole reveals Him. I just thought of the verse that says God is love. I will add that also. Thanks for sharing this as it gives me another look into who God is.

  2. Thank you, Cindy. I really enjoyed your thoughts on how you're learning who God is in different areas of your life. It makes perfect sense that the more we know Him the more we will come to trust Him. I really need to read that book. It sounds wonderful.

  3. Very solid point... we come to know God as we experience his character in our lives. Love it.

    PS: I've selected two winners. Once they've given me their choices from your shop, I'll add the ones I want and send you an e-mail. Sound good?

  4. Beautiful post and so, so true. The more I trust Him, the more confident I am in hearing Him and my truth, not the truth of the world. Without a doubt, God pushes and stretches me out of my comfort zone. I'm just sorry that it took me so long to understand that seeking Him leads to understanding and acceptance as my path as it unfolds.

  5. Some of MY problems with consistency lie in my idealization of (almost like worship of) the concept. I frequently get sidetracked pursuing behavior instead of relationship.

    I've been stimulated by your post, Cindy, and pray for your (and my) confidence in our Lord & Savior!

  6. Amen, amen...we don't know the Lord of healing until we need healed...yes all his names..Jehovah Jireh,our provider...know that one well, and yet this morning I cried for unpaid bills as if I didn't know His character.

    Thanks for true..and I too want to know Him more, which usually come in the alley ways and not at a fancy restaurant.

  7. That's right! Knowing - really KNOWing Him, makes all the difference in the world. Oh, I wish you blessings as you keep on walking consistently and confidently.

  8. I've long had an interest in God's Name(s) because in that culture, names were critical, depicting the character of a person. God even changed some names of people to depict their new character. So, it is no coincidence that He has these names whispering His answer to our need with each one.